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    Fine for calling while behind the wheel in 2023

    From 2023, fines for using the phone while driving will become even more expensive. The fines in the new year will increase with inflation, as usual. This applies not only to calling while driving, but also to other traffic fines. So be even stricter on yourself for using the speed limit!

    How expensive will it be to make phone calls while driving in 2023?

    Dilan Yeșilgöz, the Minister of Security and Justice, wants fines to increase by at least 8.6% in 2023. Texting and calling behind the wheel will become €30 more expensive with this price increase! In 2022 the fine for this was 350. This will probably be €380 in 2023. That's a lot of money. Cyclists are expected to pay €10 more, which amounts to a fine of €110.

    The benefit of these increases? Yes, there is of course also a positive side. Calling and texting behind the wheel is very dangerous and results in a lot of accidents. With this price increase, drivers will think 2, 3 or 4 times before deciding to pick up their phone while driving.


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    What about the other fines?

    If it is up to the Ministry, this price increase is not unjust. As long as you follow the rules, you don't have to pay, is their statement.

    Do you drive through a red light with your car? Then in 2023 you will probably no longer pay 250, but rather 280. Do you want to park rudely or inappropriately in a handicapped parking space? Then this could cost you a fine of no less than 450. In short, it's definitely not worth it. Furthermore, the next fines in 2023 will probably cost the following:

    - No indication of direction with flashing light? From 100,- to 110,-.
    - Not wearing a seat belt? From €150 to €180.
    - Driving 14 km too fast outside the built-up area? From 120,- to 140,-


    Conclusion, no more calling behind the wheel!

    These are the expected price increases for 2023. They have not yet been determined, but they will happen soon. It is currently still a topic of discussion. If the message is not yet clear, calling and texting behind the wheel is an absolute no-go. We are currently already dealing with extremely high costs in terms of petrol, gas and inflation. Not only fuel, but also our shopping cart is becoming increasingly expensive. So let's start with a first good intention: no fines for you in 2023!

    How do we approach this? Please make sure it is possible to make hands-free calls in your car or on your bike. Do you not yet have a phone holder in the car? Then get one. A car phone holder is not nearly as expensive as the fine. In our webshop you will find several functional telephone holders that can save you a lot of money!




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