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    Hands-free calling in the car? 3 best solutions

    Hands-free calling in the car can be an important safety measure, as it allows you to make calls without distracting from the road. There are several ways to make hands-free calls in the car, such as with a Bluetooth headset, FM transmitter or a car kit.

    Option 1: hands-free calling with a Bluetooth Headset

    A Bluetooth headset is a wireless device that you can wear in your ear, which allows you to make calls via your smartphone. Most modern smartphones have the ability to connect to a Bluetooth headset so you can make hands-free calls. A major advantage of a Bluetooth headset is that you have the freedom to keep your hands free and thus drive more safely.

    Option 2 and 3: Safe telephoning with an FM Transmitter or Car Kit

    An FM transmitter or car kit is another option for hands-free calling in the car. This is a device that you can install in your car, which allows you to make calls via your smartphone or other mobile device. A car kit or transmitter often has a speaker and a microphone that are integrated into the car, allowing you to make calls without the need for a headset or telephone.

    Some modern cars are also equipped with built-in car kits or Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to easily connect to your smartphone and make hands-free calls without the need for an additional device.

    If your car does not have a standard built-in Bluetooth speaker, it is worth taking a look at the FM transmitters. This is the solution for hands-free calling.

    Hands-free calling is not always safe. Keep your eyes on the road!

    It is important to know that hands-free calling is not always safer than manual calling. Depending on the circumstances, you may distract yourself from the road, for example if you are having an emotional conversation. That is why it is always wise to have as few distractions as possible while driving and to opt for hands-free calling if you expect an important or emotional conversation.

    In the Netherlands and Belgium, the use of hands-free calling while driving is mandatory, so be aware that the above solutions are necessary for your car journeys.

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